Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Opinion Section - What do you think utopia is for you?

First opinion section... What do you think "utopia" is for you? Do you think that humans could possibly design a world with a perfect society that everyone will be happy? Do you think it will possible with the government we have today? Finally, what are your final comment about this subject?

In my opinion, it won't be possible for now to change our world into utopia because they are too many idiot in our society. But it will work if they were only two peoples who live on this earth. Well the utopia word didnt exist anymore after we messed up the whole history. During that time, new ideology were born to let human messed up more, but many of them were a pure genius work. I guess living with our family far away from land is the same as living in utopia in my mind.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Reference Tools - Looking for a computer?

Are you disappointed when you are buying your new computer or do you prefer to design it by yourself? What you are looking for may be a workstation, it is a personal computer recommend for those who are filming, photo designing or multitasking. It sound like a very good computer to you but it also mean a big budget. The average of their cost could be more than five thousand dollars for every equipement you need. Workstation can be good if you are building a business company but it is not recommended for gaming. Such video cards, as Nvidia Quadro or a ATI FireGL, are two time more expensive then a gaming video cards.

You may look for a gaming computer, which is more powerful then your old basic pc that should be trashed for a long time ago. These computer have more RAM (Random Access Memory), bigger Hard Drive, great processors, and a very good video cards. This years, the gaming computer cost will skyrocket due to the release of Microsoft Windows Vista and new video cards and chipset from ATI and Nvidia. Recently, the Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX and GTS cost more than five hundred dollars in the market.
When you are building a computer be sure the processor socket match with the motherboard socket. If the processor use a socket AM2, I'm sure you wont be stupid enough to fit in a socket 939. If you feel that your computer is overheating be sure to look in your bios his temperature. (CTRL + DEL before your boot). Adding some extra cooling fan would be nice. Be sure to buy the right type of RAM, a 2gb of ram would be necessary if you are ready to use Microsoft Windows Vista. 256 MB Video Card would be enough to run the Vista. Here is some useful website that could help you to build a perfect computer:
Remember that building a computer cost less than buying an alienware, which cost you a few thousand bucks. ~Netkore

Monday, January 1, 2007

The first opening of HuH!

Welcome to Hav U Heard, I'm Netkore, the one who in charge of this blog. Since you already read the header, i will just talk about the blog one more time and to those who are too lasy to read it >.>. First of all, i created this blog just like a news discussion board where i will pick randomly each subject to discuss. Everyone are free to give their opinion but please don't flame during the discussion. Each post i make will maybe a Debate Section, Opinion Section, Guide Section or a Breaking News Section. Everyone are free to email me at about their suggestion, their comment and their complain lol.

You can also email me a subject that you really like to talk. Some of them will take time to proceed depending how many email i got to read. Just remember to respect each other because i could go spam your email and send a virus to your computer..okay...that was a worthless joke *sigh*

In conclusion, I hope you will be well prepare for tommorow because i will try to bring you up an interesting subject. Thank you to all who visited my blog and have a nice day. Oh also.. a Happy New Years ^^